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Patients Need Access
to Ongoing, Preventive, Collaborative Care

Mental Health America estimates that 56% of behavioral health patients do not or cannot access the treatment they need. Some of the barriers to in-person care include travel time, inadequate public transportation, socioeconomic status and stigma. These days, these systemic barriers are exacerbated by our growing staffing shortages. Our telehealth data and communication solution acts as a staffing workforce multiplier, removing these barriers and increasing efficiency while facilitating patient engagement. Cloud 9 Prevention keeps patients connected to treatment, peer support and social services–ultimately improving health outcomes and quality of life, while also decreasing the number of crisis calls.


Talk, Test, Track

The Cloud 9 Prevention workflow (Talk, Test and Track) gives interdisciplinary care teams (mental health, primary care, substance use treatment and recovery, social services, peer support) a way to virtually come together to create best-practice treatment plans or collaboratively treat patients (adults and adolescents). The app enables communication between patients and care team members as well as communication and collaboration between care teams.

The prevention workflow can be used in diverse settings, including

  • Outpatient mental health or community health clinics
  • Discharge planning from inpatient hospitals or EDs
  • Post-release planning or recidivism prevention programming from jail
  • Transitioning to step-down or community-based follow-up care

Cloud 9 Prevention

Our workflows are scalable according to your current or changing organizational needs. For example, Cloud 9 Prevention can be used alone or in tandem with additional workflows. Or additional workflows can be added later, if and when needed. Learn more about them here:

Cloud 911 Intervention

Emergency crisis treatment at the scene, connecting first responders and patients to remote mental health teams who can de-escalate or refer to appropriate care, as clinically indicated.

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Cloud 988 Connection

Streamlined access to population data for 988 Lifeline systems and staff while connecting those in need to vital services/resources.

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We serve Counties, Cities, Community Mental Health Centers, Substance Use Recovery Centers, Hospitals & Emergency Departments, Social Service Agencies & Schools

Our team is standing by to learn your local needs and share solutions that work.


Cloud 9 is on a mission to deliver mental, physical and social health access to underserved populations.

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