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Patients in Crisis Need Immediate Care. First Responders Need Clinical Support.

Did you know? The American Psychological Association (APA) reports that 20% of police calls involve a mental health or substance use crisis. In the same report, the APA cites a nationwide study in which 50% of the survey’s respondents –all senior law enforcement personnel–reported that their departments are unable to refer people to available or appropriate treatment. For many patients in crisis, the only option is arrest or a medical emergency department. Neither of these settings provides best-practice care. The result? A failing, revolving-door cycle that results in untreated illness, overburdened staff and strained public budgets.


Data, Talk, Treat

The Cloud 911 Intervention Workflow breaks this failed cycle by virtually connecting on-site first responders to mental healthcare teams and vital information. Remote clinicians can help to resolve the crisis using our Data, Talk and Treat clinical workflow, which works via three basic steps:

Data: Critical data is available to responders and clinicians for patients already in the system (aka “familiar faces”). Otherwise, rapid intake data is collected for first time encounters. Responders and clinicians rely on this information to ensure a safe and informed crisis resolution.

Talk: Clinicians perform a remote telehealth consult to assess and further de-escalate, while responders keep the scene safe. Our crisis risk assessment tool enables a digital process, supervised approvals, efficient referrals and secure sharing with databases or referral facilities.

Treat: Clinicians and our assessment system help determine best available treatment services, prescriptions, mobile crisis teams or diversion to social services, caregivers, recovery centers, detoxification treatment or appropriate hospitals.

This easy-to-use, 100% HIPAA compliant workflow allows clinicians to serve more patients, and first responders to engage expert clinicians to divert patients in crisis to appropriate care or settings.

Cloud 911 Intervention

Our workflows are scalable according to your current or changing organizational needs. For example, Cloud 9 Prevention can be used alone or in tandem with additional workflows. Or additional workflows can be added later, if and when needed. Learn more about them here:

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We serve Counties, Cities, Community Mental Health Centers, Substance Use Recovery Centers, Hospitals & Emergency Departments, Social Service Agencies & Schools

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