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Cloud 9 is on a mission to deliver mental, physical and social health access to underserved populations.

Our vision is helping vulnerable individuals achieve health and wellness by supporting “safety net” organizations, including public health, public safety and community health services or agencies.

Our team has decades of experience in community health, behavioral health, public safety and healthcare technology. While we each bring individual expertise and experience to Cloud 9, we share a passion for helping individuals and communities. We also share the values of compassion, integrity and trust– values that guide all of our decisions, innovations and business practices.

We are inspired and motivated by the care teams who serve their communities, and by the lived experiences and stories of people who have been helped by these teams. We created Cloud 9 to help all these teams and individuals to work together, in a coordinated and secure way, to provide the most compassionate and effective care possible.

Meet Our Team

J.C. Adams


Dr. Carolyn Rekerdres

Clinical Lead

Alan Gale

Operations &

Jodie Segar


Norine Yukon

Healthcare Strategy

Brett Lipensky

Revenue & GTM Strategy Advisor

Leon Evans

Behavioral Healthcare Transformation

Kit Wall

Criminal Justice Transformation

Don Ellis, MBA

Technology Lead

Najat Bryant

IT & Security Manager

Tim Reeder

Systems Engineer

Jay Williams

Technology Advisor

Barrett Yeager

Implementations Lead

Angela Hardy

Account Executive

Bill Gorham

Account Executive

Emmanuel Onalaru

Customer & Technical Support

Dr. Prashant Desai

Healthcare Advisor

Linda Langston

Government Relations Advisor

Sumeet Maniar

Financial Advisor

Rick Kimball

Financial Advisor

Our Partners

Don Ellis, MBA

Technology Lead

20 years of healthcare IT leadership, implementations and integrations, holding certifications from EPIC, Cerner & HIMSS


We serve Counties, Cities, Community Mental Health Centers, Substance Use Recovery Centers, Hospitals & Emergency Departments, Social Service Agencies & Schools

Our team is standing by to learn your local needs and share solutions that work.


Cloud 9 is on a mission to deliver mental, physical and social health access to underserved populations.

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