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Cloud 9's mission is to deliver behavioral health services to underserved populations, while saving communities money.  Since 2015, our team has delivered award-winning software and strategies, connecting community healthcare and local government agencies. Empower Person-Centered behavioral healthcare, by breaking down silos of information and communication.


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In all of our communities, patients with behavioral health conditions and crises need better care

Did you know?

  • According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 46.3 million Americans aged 12 and over (16.5% of the population) have a substance use disorder (SUD). Meanwhile, the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 37.9% of persons with an SUD also have a mental health condition. For persons with both disorders, 52.5% are receiving no treatment.
  • Mental Health America reports that, within the past four years, 20.78% of U.S. adults (50 million people) were experiencing a mental illness.
  • Too often, Americans with serious mental Illness are sent to jails, not psychiatric hospitals. According to the Treatment Advocacy Center, this costs from $30,000 to $50,000 annually for each person with a mental illness who is incarcerated.

Individuals with complex medical, mental illness and addiction needs suffer greatly when neglected. As they overload medical emergency departments, jails and courts, they become caught in a failed cycle of non-treatment and readmission back into these inappropriate and often harmful systems. This revolving door creates billions in economic waste for counties and cities each year.

There is something terribly wrong with a society that is willing to spend more money to incarcerate people who are ill than to treat them.

Judge Steve Leifman

of the 11th Judicial Circuit Court


Telehealth Data & Communications Flow
Freely & Securely

Cloud 9 is designed for versatility. Our software is flexible to fit a variety of population behavioral health needs. Collaborative care teams are configured to fit your community’s existing agencies, resources and workflows. Here is one example configuration:

Connect your community’s healthcare, public safety and social services agencies, so they are no longer siloed and uncoordinated. Share vital data between agencies while remaining HIPAA compliant. Cloud 9’s easy to use mobile application provides clinical workflows and decision support to help care teams make timely crisis interventions and deliver more efficient ongoing care. Tech enabled, virtual care is also a workforce multiplier to address staffing shortages. Patients with complex needs are more effectively served by interdisciplinary teams, eliminating massive wasted money and time. Ultimately, Cloud 9 can help you to better serve your complex-needs patients and use your resources wisely.


Our Proprietary Clinical &
Operational Workflows

Apply any of the following three workflows to fit your population
behavioral health goals.

Cloud 9 Prevention

is designed for integrated care collaboration. Patients (adults and adolescents) can communicate and share real-time information with your interdisciplinary healthcare teams and wrap-around services. Mental healthcare, primary care, substance use recovery, social services and peer support coordinate with one another and those they serve to deliver ongoing care, keeping patients in treatment and out of crisis.

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Cloud 911 Intervention

connects mental healthcare teams to law enforcement and EMS as they encounter behavioral health crises out in the community. Your remote clinicians can more efficiently coordinate treatment for crisis calls anywhere throughout your region. Using data and communications they can now rapidly de-escalate, triage and assess the crisis while diverting into appropriate settings. This workforce multiplier allows clinicians to serve more crises and first responders virtually.

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Cloud 988 Connection

expands your community’s 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline systems, beyond existing implementation capabilities. Call centers and crisis counseling services access vital information to assist behavioral health patients frequently served in your area. Your 988 staff gains rapid communications with other healthcare, public safety and social services agencies for timely interventions and appropriate referrals. Data integrations allow longitudinal patient records to be built and shared seamlessly across key systems, so that patients remain connected to ongoing care and services.

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Dedication to Innovation

Cloud 9’s award winning digital health solutions are the first designed for integrated care collaboration connecting city, county and state agencies. We’ve received national press as the first telehealth solution to connect mental health teams to law enforcement and EMS. The healthcare and local government leaders we work with have helped to make this innovation happen by understanding the clinical or public health problem, and by being willing to disrupt the traditional approaches. Together we are integrating care and achieving better outcomes for patients, families and our communities.


What Our Customers Say

This is a must-have app! I reassured the care team it was OK not to involuntarily transport the patient to an ER. I helped verbally de-escalate the patient and adjusted her medication to reduce suffering on the spot, and prevented a dehumanizing, unnecessary stay in an ER.

Dr. Flavio Casoy

This gives deputies one more tool so they can better triage the situation that’s happening out in the field, based on the symptoms they are seeing, and have a medical professional be able to give them guidance.

Sheriff ED Gonzalez
Harris County

This program has a lot of potential. It can help people access mental health treatment and keep people out of settings that they don’t need to be in.

Greg Hansch
National Alliance on Mental Illness

If you’re recovering or trying to make progress, this is a really good app. You’re never left wanting. You can schedule a time every week. It is very user friendly. Especially for people with transportation issues, having the app is a life changer.

Patient With Depression

We serve Counties, Cities, Community Mental Health Centers, Substance Use Recovery Centers, Hospitals & Emergency Departments, Social Service Agencies & Schools

Our team is standing by to learn your local needs and share solutions that work.


Cloud 9 is on a mission to deliver mental, physical and social health access to underserved populations.

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