Mental health and telehealth apps come of age amid coronavirus crisis

Addressing mental health has been an increasing priority in the workplace, as more than half of the working population struggles with mental health issues related to anxiety and depression. In turn, employers are mobilizing to support their workers as they adapt to the new surreal reality of worklife.

“The disruption in behavior and the uncertainty has led to a lot of anxiety,” says Russ Glass, CEO of Ginger, a virtual mental health support platform. “Obviously it’s a stressful time, and we’re seeing significant increases in sessions for therapy and psychiatry.”

Ginger and other mental health platforms offered by employers have noticed a surge in usage as employees turn to online tools to manage their anxiety. Glass, whose company connects users with behavioral health professionals for chat and video-based sessions, says they’ve reported a 25% uptick in therapy and psychiatry visits compared to Q1 averages. Modern Health, a virtual mental health app, reported a 50% increase in activity since the beginning of March.

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