Frontline healthcare and first responder suicides

Two New York City frontline hero’s; E.R. Doctor Lorna Breen and E.M.T. John Mondello unexpectedly took their lives this past weekend, reported by friends and family as direct result of their severe work conditions in the city’s hardest hit neighborhoods. Their loved ones say these were positive, tough and happy people. Neither of these cases had ever reported any prior suicidal ideation.

It’s not just the general population who’s mental health is being impacted by coronavirus. Our caregivers are working long, hard hours, facing high risk of infection themselves, making difficult choices between protecting oneself and one’s family and doing one’s job. They are witnessing mass casualties, being forced to make life-or-death decisions for victims due to limited resources. Many are reporting a sense of hopelessness, moral injury, feelings of being betrayed by the healthcare system or government. Incoming reports and a recent study warn of a rise in suicide rates among doctors, nurses, technicians and first responders facing extreme challenges on the frontlines of this battle.

We owe them care and support.

Almost two years ago, Cloud 9 launched the first collaborative telehealth solution that connects first responders, and medical professionals to remote mental health clinicians, allowing them to jointly treat patients they encounter who are experiencing a mental health crisis / suicidal out in the community,

Agencies around the U.S. were also reporting physician and first responder PTSD and suicide rates were alarmingly high and increasing, so we thought, why not also build in workflows that allow these caregivers to access appropriate crisis care, easily and confidentially?

Cloud 9 not only provides this care team coordination for patients in crisis. Medical staff and first responders using our app to help others can also easily access vital crisis services when they need help themselves. We must care for our caregivers. One app can help them all… They desperately needed this support before COVID-19. Now it’s critical.

If you know any leaders or staff at cities, counties, community health or public healthcare agencies that want to help their frontline workers (and their underserved patient populations), Cloud 9 is providing free consultations along with expedited software deployments or staffing for communities in need.  Point them here to schedule a consult.

Please support our front lines. To read more about this weekend’s fallen:  Continue to Article


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